Bridge II questions about USB


I'm exploring my DirectStream DAC with Brigde II and discovering a USB plug. 
I have not been able to find any information about the USB connector on Brigde II. What is it used for?
I apologize for being completely new to my Ps audio equipment, as I have not had time to use it. (NOOB) lol65_gif
Thanks for the help. I apologize for my bad English. Yours sincerely

It is used only for updates and does not connect to anything cool like a drive. Wish it did. Maybe in Bridge III.

It’s possible (but rare) for the Bridge firmware to become corrupted. In this situation you can reinstall it through the USB port with a special set of files that PS tech support will provide. The USB port is not used in day to day operation. Upgrades to the Bridge firmware are normally handled via the internet (go to the Bridge setup page on the front panel and you will see when an update is available).

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