Bridge II Solution for Connecting to Cisco Catalyst Switches

I was annoyed that Bridge II would connect to a $60 Netgear gigabit switch but would not connect with either of my new Cisco managed switches. If I connected the Bridge II to the cheap Netgear switch first I could then connect to the main Cisco switch. Every other computer and Oppo 105D and Roku box all connected to the Cisco’s OK. The friendly people at PS Audio could not help and said that this has come up with others with high performance managed switches.

Well, sometimes trying everything works! I hooked up a fiber optic ethernet converter, fiber optic cable, and another converter back to ethernet. I connected the DirecStream Sr. through the fiber converters but I kept it turned off. I then turned on the fiber converters and within 10 seconds I had a green lock light on the Cisco. I then turned on the DirectStream Sr. and it connected perfectly, for the first time, to the Cisco managed switch. It sounds great. In 10 hours of playing music I have not once lost the ethernet connection.

I have ordered two iFi iPower replacement wall warts to power the Fiber Converters but they arrive next week. Total cost of this “fix” is $87.00. And you get galvanic isolation from your network as well. I wanted to share this information with anyone else suffering from this “glitch.”

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David Levinson

Newport Beach, CA

Vice President Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

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Thank you, David.

And welcome!

Welcome David. As a big fan of fiber isolation, yours is a welcome contribution.


P.S. I have a good friend in SoCal by the name of David Levinson, but I suspect you are not him.