Bridge II Upgrade

I’ve recently purchased a DSD DAC+ Bridge I. I’m in New Zealand. How do I trade in old Bridge I for Bridge II?

Trade ins are country to country different. I am not familiar with the New Zealand distributor’s policy on it. If you contact him he should be able to tell you. If not, you can always send an email to us at sales @ psaudio and we can ask for you.

Thanks. Local dealer told me they can’t offer same trade-in policy as in USA. And I need to pay around 80% of retail price to upgrade to Bridge 2. I felt a bit disappointed given I’ve only purchased Bridge 1 few months ago. Is there any way for PS Audio to extend the same policy to NZ? Even if it means paying additional amount but not 80% extra…

Just to put things in perspective a bit, the US trade-in provides a $300 discount against the retail price of $899. So US customers are paying 67% of retail. That’s less than 80%, of course.

Despite our best efforts it’s very difficult to achieve pricing parity in all markets. Our distributors

have to absorb the costs of shipping, import duties, marketing, advertising,

service and warranties. As if that’s not enough, exchange rates are very volatile these

days, forcing our guys to have a crystal ball to predict the future.

Given all those factors, there are times when offers made in our home market (the US)

just aren’t workable in other markets.This is particularly true of trade-in programs where

the cost of shipping trade-ins to the US would be prohibitively expensive.

We do the best we can to support our distributors, and recognize the challenges they face on a

daily basis. There are occasions, like this one, where we wish we could do more for

overseas customers. The reality is that many times it’s not feasible–not if we hope to stay in business

for another four decades.

-Travis T.

PS Audio International sales

Thanks, Travis. This makes sense - even if it is a painful reality.

Whatever happened to a foreign distributor taking a pass on his mark-up occasionally for an existing and returning customer who is willing to pay for an upgrade.

Surely a B2 upgrade party event with a group order and fixed delivery date would be a hoot and a great opportunity to show off the new PSA products.

It seems to me that the “good will” would be well worth the effort.

“food for thought”