Bridge is bricked after upgrading to DirectStream


I thought I upgraded the firmware in my Bridge in my PerfectWave Mk II DAC. I then inserted it in a new DirectStream. It wasn’t detected on the DS, so I removed it and put it back in the Mk II and it’s not detected there, either, and isn’t showing up on the network via Fing.

I finally got the Bridge menu to show up on the DS by using the remote. Multiple attempts at keying in a static IP failed. Now I’m resorting to another firmware upgrade attempt, and the screen on the DS has read “FINDING BRIDGE” for over an hour. I finally abort and reboot, then find the Bridge has lost its IP and reverted to DHCP. Reconfiguring a static IP finds the same thing happening – network indicator is red after saving the config, and Bridge doesn’t show up on browser or Fing, reconfigged info is not saved and disappears when input is changed.

I’ve removed the SD card and rebooted the DS and network numerous times. Still no luck. I downloaded Bridge rescue onto a USB stick, no luck. I’ve emailed support with no response.

Any ideas?