Bryston BCD1 vs. GCD

I have been using a Bryston BCD1 cd player for a lot of years and I’ve always liked it. The other day, I ordered an spdif cable so that I could run the digital output of the Bryston thru the dac in the GCD. Will it make a difference? I shall report results!

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I have been listening comparatively to many different CDs for several weeks. I can
hear no difference between the output of my Bryston BCD1 when run thru an analog input on the GCD, and the output of the GCD’s dac when fed a bitstream thru a spdif cable from the BCD1. I think this says a whole lot about the quality of construction of the BCD1, esp. when you consider that the GCD is about 10 years newer. So, kudos to Bryston. Kudos to PS Audio too for building a high quality
piece at a very reasonable price.