Buchardt Audio has developed its first amplifier

Okay, Okay, we hear you :smile:

Here’s little teasing information on our upcoming amplifier, Buchardt I150:

The amplifier looks very basic with only a physical volume control, input selector and volume/input LED indicator. There are a few more functions on the nice included aluminum RF remote - simple and easy right? For the geeks, we have a ton of more functions that you control via our upcoming Buchardt App.
Here you would have access to our Buchardt room correction, advanced EQ and more.

  • It’s directly made to match our speakers with some fantastic features to bring full dynamics back to the mix when you listen at low volumes. It’s a game changer if you often listen at low volumes, it’s basically a compensation for how the human ear senses sound at lower dBs (ISO 226:2003). Here you choose via the App what speakers you have paired with the amp so that the DSP can apply the correct settings and do this accurately along with other improvements to either the S300 and S400. You can of course disable this if you use other speakers with the amp.

  • To read more about both the room correction and the ISO 226:2003 function, check out the A500 that have this decribed here: https://www.buchardtaudio.com/a500-detailed-description

More specs about the amp :

  • Build with two separate power supplies. Linear power supply for DAC, preamp section and DSP and a switch-mode for the power amp section

  • Hypex NCORE Class D amp module at 2 x 150/250Watt 8/4 ohm.

  • ES9028PRO DAC which is a very high end chip for an integrated amplifier, especially at this price point!

  • Powerful Quad core DSP processor

  • 5.0 Bluetooth which mainly acts as data transfer between what you do in the app and the amp such as the room correction filters and EQ functions. But it also supports audio playback with aptX HD.

Pricing for all this : €2500. BUT if you are buying it as a bundle with our speakers it will be €1875. This price even applies if you already have bought a pair of speakers directly from us!

And here’s some more pictures as well!
(These pictures are only from our prototype - we’re working on the final visual adjustments)


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A loudness control is a game changer? I hope it can be disabled.