Burn HDTracks album to DVD for PWT

I want to convert and burn downloaded albums from HDTracks as .wav files to DVD to play on my PWT as per the attached excerpt from the PWT manual (which was NOT included in the PWT box!). I’ve tried a few times without success. I have an Apple computer. Can anyone assist please?Screen-Shot-2015-04-06-at-6.26.37-pm.png

How are you attempting this and what are you starting with? Are the original files .WAV?

If I have WAV files I can simply place a DVD in the Mac DVD burner and drag them into the disc and burn them with success. It’s really easy. If you are doing this and the files are not being read, right click one of the files on your finished DVD disc and make sure it is a WAV file with that extension. The transport will not read anything without that extension.

Thanks Paul. I’ll try again. I think the album I bought from HDTracks was in the wrong format.

The album I bought was in AIFF 88/24. So I loaded each track into Audacity and exported at WAV 88/24. Seems to have worked OK and the PWT is reading at that quality. Thanks.

There are other programs for converting file types on the Mac that you might find easier to use. I use Max, which is free. It does lose the album artist tag when converting (I retag the files after conversion), although that probably doesn’t matter when you are converting to wav to play on a PWT.

Thanks stevem2. I’ll give Max a go.