Burning high res audio files to DVD using a Linux based application

I purchased some music that came on usb thumb drives recorded 24bit/48. I have a Direct Stream Dac and the Perfect Wave Memory Player. Put the thumb drive in the Memory Player and listened. I then burned the files to cd which down converted the high res file to make compatible with the cd standard. Played the CD and much to my surprise it sounded better than playing the same music through the usb port on the Memory Player. I would like to burn the high res file to DVD to see if there is any improvement. I have read the “how to” on burning high res to DVD using Ashampoo, but I am NOT a fan of Windows, don’t use it. I use Linux Mint Mate. I have scoured the internet and the forums for an answer, but if there is one it is over my head. Do you have any suggestions? As a side note Linux is making headway as a viable operating system. I would like to request PS audio to include us Linux users in the how to and help forums the same way you do for Windoze PC and Mac users.

In a truly free society there is no need for Gates or Windows. Thanks.

I would have thought posting in one of Linux forums would get you the help you seek. But if you learn what to do using Linux, please post the instructions as there is likely someone who will appreciate the help, now or in the future.

Query: While we will not need Bill Gates or Windows in a truly free society, will we need Tim Cook and Apple? Linux? :slight_smile:

The neat thing is you are already completely free to use Linux or any other OS.

And we are OS agnostic here.