Burning high res on DVD using a MacBook Pro

I’ve been creating high res DVDs for my PW transport using an old Dell computer for years. Today I tried to create a DVD using my MacBook Pro. I followed the “how to” instructions on the forum and I created a playable DVD, but it reads 192/16 as opposed to 192/24. The download plays back correctly via a USB from my Macbook, so I know the original files are good. Did something go wrong when I converted the AIFF files to WAV or when I initiated the burn? Anybody have any ideas for how I could trouble shoot this?

How did you convert the files to WAV? I don’t have a PWT and rarely need WAV files but when I use Max on the Mac to convert FLAC to AIFF I have to make sure the preference is set for the right bit depth (it’s automatic when creating FLAC files but not AIFF). It may be similar for WAV files.

Thanks, Steve. I used the instructions on the “how to” section of the PSA site, which instructs us to merely import the files to WAV via the iTunes program. When I went in a looked deeper, the setttings only allow 48/16. So, clearly they need to ammend the section with instructions for which program to use to convert high res AIFF files to high res WAV files. (or I’m missing something)

I usually download WAV files to begin with to avoid this silliness, but this particular download was only available in AIFF. If anyone can recommend a free and EASY method of converting high res AIFF files to WAV, I’ll give it a shot. Otherwise, it’s back to the dreaded Dell for me.

Vance - I’m a Windows user, but when I had to convert some AIFF files to WAV I was instructed by PS Audio’s support at the time to use Audacity which is a free download and available for Mac OS as well. The instructions I received are below for your reference, although I was given them in 2009 so there are likely to have been some changes to the software versions referenced since then. Hope this helps, let us know!

I’m not sure if the Audacity version you have will do this conversion (it might). If not, download the latest beta version – it’s pretty solid, best I can tell.

OK, so using Audacity v1.38 beta here’s what you do:

File | Open – open the AIFF file. At the bottom left of the Audacity window it should show the Project Rate at 192000 Hz or whatever the file’s data rate is.

Then do File | Export. When the “Edit Metadata” window comes up, click “OK.”

In the Export File dialog box that comes up, select “Other Uncompressed Files” in the “Save as type” box.

Then press the “options” button. There you specify the file type. Select “WAV (Microsoft)” for the header and “Signed 24 bit PCM” for encoding, or whatever the file’s original word length is.

Press OK and you return to the Export File dialog. You can name the file here and select where to save it, plus Audacity will give it a WAV extension. Then click “Save” and conversion begins.