Buying from Trade-ins?

What happens to all the trade-ins that you get at PS Audio? Can items be purchased from PSA? I’ve seen a few posts about people trading-in SGCDs for DS or BHK and would love to get one of these barely used ones. Thanks.

Yes. The trade-ins are active and just click on the trade up button to take advantage of them. The only products currently unavailable to accept trades are the BHK products - and that only during the short one-week sale. The sale prices are too low to also have us buy your trades for these products. But as soon as the sale is over next week, the trade-ins will be back on BHK. For now, everything else accepts trade-ins.

gStone, I think Paul misread your question. Most (all?) of the trades are sent to The Music Room in Broomfield, Colorado. They advertise on Audiogon and I have seen some things I know were trades as I saw them at PS Audio. Not sure how PS Audio handles their own products if they are fairly new, perhaps as B-stock? I have not seen B-stock items listed on PS Audio’s site, but I have seen authorized dealers advertise them. If you have something particular in mind, say the SGCD you mention, give them a call and see if they have any B-stock or can refer you to a dealer who does have one.

Doh! Thanks Pmotz. I did indeed misread the question and you’re right. The Music Room handles all trades and we typically do not have B stock but it’s sometimes worth a call.

Thanks, pmotz and Paul. I’ll check-out postings on Audiogon.