Buzz in speakers with BHK Pre

Have you tried shielding your interconnects and keeping them away from power cords and power supplies? Interconnects can pick up a lot of noise from power sources.

Sincerely I cannot understand why the noise disappears completely from 1 speaker then reappears. If you have the exactly same issue swapping the XLR cables left/right, trying different XLR cables, different RCA cables, different power cords, different wall sockets… you cannot find a repeatable scenario, in which the noise is only left or right, each time you do something in particular. In this case you would have found that (so to speak) each time you move the pre to a specific location this makes the noise be audible only from one speaker (repeatable). And each time you move back the unit to the original position the noise consequently returns to be audible from both of the speakers (repeatable). I’m assuming you are not able to recreate a situation doing something, is it correct? Otherwise I would agree with Waimanchen about cables/connectors interferences.
You are reporting that simply moving the Pre sometimes noise can change sometimes not.
This makes me think that inside the BHK Pre there would be a mechanical thing that is loosing its contact. So I suggest first of all to have a direct contact with PS Audio team.
I personally experienced in more than one occasion that the little boards behind the tubes may produce lot of noise if faulty or incorrectly seated. This is the reason why I suggested to test the boards. If you decide to do this: 1) be careful to attest they are removable - some model had them soldered so you cannot remove them - you do not need to use strength to pull them and 2) be careful when you reseat them back in order to delicately put each pin in its socket hole (or you risk to seriously damage the gear) and without bending the pins.

Thank you
Really appreciate the feedback
Bizarrely after returning the BHK Pre and M1200 to original positions and taking care to oranize cables things are quiet???
This is great but unsettling
I have a new pair of speakers coming as well has Vibration supports for most components
Scared to touch anything at this point.
Have been in touch with ps audio tech
Hope to gear more this week
Really appreciate the feedback

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Good luck!

I am late to this thread, but have you tried to switch the tubes in Pre to see if the buzz switches too? If it does not, then the next step is switching the tubes in 1200. It is possible one of the tubes is the root of the problem.

Not at all…

If you have some interconnect or power cords that are susceptible to emanating or picking up EMR, RF or some other electrical field noise of some sort, a tried and true method of preventing such “contamination” is to separate parallel runs of cables by a few inches and/or to ensure that signal cables and power cables cross perpendicular to each other wherever possible.

Sounds like you have managed to prevent some sort of electrical interference being injected in to the signal path.

Ground loops are fickle things as well, if that is what you were suffering from. There is a chance that you managed to break a ground loop with your shuffling of cables and kit. I have had similar experiences in the past.

Enjoy the quiet and the music.

Thank you
Just confused cause trying to keep things separated has been a goal throughout this journey.
Things nicely seperate yesterday when i decided to run XLR from m1200 to BHK UNDER other XLR instead of over it.
Id like to at least determine is there a problem with my BHK Pre or is it interference with interconnects?
Since the noise moves all around im inclined to think its the interconnects but when i switch interconnects from XLR to RCA the noise gets worse which steers me back to the Pre…maddening.
Any thought out there on whether my pre has a problem or its interconnects?

Havent messed with the tubes because ive gotten the noise to go away or shift to left or right speaker
So concluded if a tube there wouldnt be such variation?

That will not be the tubes then, good luck!

Glad you are winning the battle against the noise.

For years I have dropped power cables down to floor level and run them all out one side of my rack.

I have pulled interconnects up near the top of the rack and down the opposite leg of the rack to get maximum separation. It’s the reason I generally buy longer cables than absolutely necessary.

Speaker cables are routed to best minimize contact with any other cable type. In short, I’ve always been a bit of a crank about cable dressing.

Tubes are also noisy critters generally. Always a good idea to remove and reseat tubes at any hint of hiss or hum. They also tend to degrade over time and have a higher failure rate out of the box than solid state devices. I’ve never owned a tube amplifier that didn’t require regular care and feeding to sound its best.

High definition audio systems are not simple plug and play devices.


Thanks for the info
Something beautiful about silence coming from ones rig when no music on.
Now i scared to even breathe on it for fear of disturbing something

But to your point im seeing the value in longer interconnects

I had the same problem, 3000 hours on tubes. Replaced tubes buzz went away.

Def not my problem

Thank you all for your replies these past few weeks
I ended up sending my Pre back to PSAUDIO
they replaced the board and tubes. No buzz now.
Very happy


Happy to hear you solved the problem.

Mmm these damned boards

I hope @jamesh may report to PS Audio team that something need a redesign as for these parts (they are too delicate and subjective to fault) or their supplier!