Buzz noise

Hello, I have an onkyo tx 8050 and a project debut carbon record player. I get a buzz noise when on the phono inup only, all other input are quiet. We just recently moved into this new house and buzz started then, didn’t buzz at old house. Record player is the only thing hooked up to the receiver. Both receiver and record player on same outlet. I have the ground hooked up from the receiver to record player.
I ran a ground from the back of the receiver to the ground on the power strip and that eliminated about 50% of the buzz but there is still some left. Sounds to me like a grounding issue or dirty power. Wonder what I can do to get rid of the remaining buzz. Think that humx would help? Or a certain type of surge protector would help?
Thank you for your help

If you suspect the electrical integrity of the new house you really need to get it checked out by a professional as the first step.

Phono inputs are particularly sensitive to radiated noise because of the extra amplification required. Make sure your phono cables are kept away from power cords and other noise sources to the extent possible.