Cable Burn-in

Purchased in April Devialet Expert LE 400, PS Audio P5 Power Plant, PerfectWave AC5 power cables (wall to P5 & P5 to all components), Audioquest Oak Speaker cable. Existing components, Aurender N100, VPI Prime Turntable, Manley Chinook Phono Stage, B&W 802 Diamond Speakers. The Devialet, P5 and cables have about 20-30 hours, Speakers & Aurender would have well over 200 hours, Prime & Chinook would have around 70-80 hours.

Out of the box, my new Devialet, P5, AC5 and Oak cables sounded fantastic, very detailed, nice tight punchy bass & sound stage was, well, Wow. My setup sounded exactly as I wanted. However, 20-30 hours on the Devialet, P5, AC5 and Oak cables and sound has turned to sh*t, has became very flat, detail has gone, bass is bloated, like a blanket has been thrown over my speakers. No system or room changes have been made. Devialet support suggest cables are effecting the sound. So, after a bit of googling I read with interest that cables, particularly power cables, do have a burn-in period and should get better over time, so how come mine got worse over time.

Please someone tell me that this is just a phase my cables are going through and that glorious sound I experienced when new will return. Anyone have similar experience and how many hours are required for cables to settle in and give their best.



I can’t speak to whether this affect happens with cable burn-in, but often times with component burn-in the sound will get worse before it gets better. Perhaps it is part of the burn-in process of the Devialet and P5 that is affecting your sound? I wouldn’t worry until you have a few hundred hours on everything. If the magic hasn’t returned by then, you may have a problem.


Agreed on the above comments. A recent DAC acquisition (LH Labs Pulse X infinity - only a 22 1/2 month wait ffrom joining the crowd funding campaign until it finally arrived last November…) demonstrated the most profound break-in effects that I have ever heard, much like those that are described in the first post. When first played it sounded lush and beautiful, but after only an hour it sounded flat and had NO bass energy. Over a day or so it changed a bit - a little better and even notably worse, unpleasant to listen to! After that it started improving steadily, but took about 400 hours before no further improvements were detectable. By now, it sounds beautiful, perhaps better than the PerfectWave DAC Mk. II, but I have not done a direct comparison yet. Oh, yes… the PWD Mk.II also took many hundreds of hours to break in and sound its best.

That is the long way to say that some break in effects are to be expected and may take many hours to resolve. Of course, different equipment reacts differently, including cables. This is just a matter of keeping the equipment running, wait and see (or rather hear) what and how it evolves.