Can anyone help me with IFI USB products?

The IUSB 3.0 and IGALVANIC. First, which icon of the Gemini dual head goes in which port? They are so small I can’t really tell. I do not want to blow anything up. Then, if I leave the power handshake on could I use 18 meters of cable in segments? Would I want more cable before or after the IUSB? I am figuring it “might” work with the handshake on. If I could figure out the icons I could test it. One is like a computer keyboard and the other is like a lightening bolt sort of. Thank you

Maybe Ted can help here? I got it all hooked up. The DSS is showing in device manager with no conflicts. Foobar is playing. however there is no actual communication with the DSS. If I reset the DSS there is sound for about 2 seconds and then it stops. I have no clue why it is losing the signal. this is supposed to work with any DAC. Thank you

One is a battery and the other is a musical note. You plug both into your computer or source. The single square connector goes into the igalvanic. You then need another usb3.0 cable to go to your DAC.

I appreciate that Vee, Now way bigger problems. IFI is nonexistent.
The music server goes into the IUSB and that goes into the Igalvanic, into the DSS. The DSS shows in Device manager fine. It is playing in Foobar, However there is no actual communication with the DSS! If I reset the DSS there is 2 seconds of music and it stops. I really wish Ted would show up here. I know he can fix it!

I saw plenty of complaints about this issue and iGalvanic. It’s not a DSS issue. I can’t recall exactly how people solve it for their setups, but you have to turn devices on in order. Likely power the DSS and Source off. Leave iGalvanic on, turn on DSS first, then source. Then NEVER turn either off :slight_smile: or you’ll have to do the power up ritual again.

Igalvanic works absolutely fine. It is Iusb that does not work! I am sure it is a Handshake issue. This is way beyond the scope of my knowledge. I guess I will have to wait until Monday and IFI said they will call me. There is a very nice Woman, Tiffany there. She has been very kind to me. She helped her best but said this will require an Engineer. I gave her my number and she said they will call me Monday.

I really want to see how this stacks up to SOTM+Intona. I would not jump to the other is better.

It will be interesting if they get it to work. As soon as I put the IUSB anywhere in the signal chain it breaks it. Go figure that the much more expensive stuff, from two different companies yet works flawlessly.

I take it that IFI is lower end gear? I mean it is not like top of the line SOTM OR Itona? Or for instance MicroRendu, Regen ETC?

It should still work. DSS is a pretty common DAC. Right now is is directly on the back of the DSS and still fails. I have a feeling it is simply not compatible. Luckily ordered from Amazon. Luckily. Originally Ordered from Music Direct. Than they called me back. Mistake. Not in stock, no longer made.
I got the last one at Amazon and possibly last new one in existence. So this could be a shame. If their Engineer cannot fix it. Will let you know next week.

HAHA! I got it working!

However, go figure. Quick impression. It is not even close to the Intona+SOTM. Well, what did I expect? I had to know… Good thing It is no hassle return. Funny thing is it cost nearly as much as Intona+SOTOM.
Oh well. Curious mind, lesson learned. That is the end of this thread unless anyone has any comments.

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