Can clean wave harm tube equipment?

I have both a preamp and power amp that use tubes. I used clean wave yesterday (1 minute setting) and today for the first time I noticed what sounded like 60 cycle hum on phono (but not other inputs). I’ve checked all the usual suspects (grounding in particular, but also cartridge clips) and all seems OK. Thoughts and advice welcome. TIA, Zach

CleanWave will not harm your equipment, tube or solid state. It may certainly cause some noises, but no harm.

Quick follow up – does the Cleanwave function serve to demagnetize MC cartridges in the same manner as dedicated devices such as the Benz Aesthtix and the like? I presume the phono stage has to be powered on for cleanwave to work its magic? thanks

No, it will not demagnetize a phono cartridge because the phono cartridge is not connected to the 120 volt AC output of the Power Plant (hopefully).

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But could cleanwave passing through a preamp affect anything other than its power supply? I’m thinking of the tiny transformers that handle my LOMC’s output, for example.

Anything’s possible but I would have to say pretty unlikely that it should sneak passed the power supply.