Can I leave the ps audio direct stream dac on all the time?

This is a noob question, but since im new and didn’t find a direct answer, I would like to know of leaving the DSD 24/7 in stand by its deleterious to the circuits.



I don’t leave mine on. Pushing the PS Audio logo button puts the DAC into standby. Seems good enough for most of my listening.

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Yes, you can leave it on all the time. I certainly do! In fact, that is how it will sound best.

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lucena…This may be of some interest…and welcome to the forums.

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thank you all!|
very enlightening

The unit is designed to be left on.

Placing it in standby mode is perhaps best as it mutes the outputs and turns off the display. Everything else remains on and warm.

You can leave it on all the time, but, in my opinion, I’d suggest turning it off when not in use if there is a power switch, use it. While everyone agrees that all equipment operates better when warm, common thought would dictate that when not in use, and left on ,it’s a waste of power, or other issues like a fire hazard etc…, I contend that it also diminishes the unit’s life expectancy by drying out internal capacitors and thereby operational quality in the long run…, the word investment is usually coupled with long term in mind.

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The entire hobby is a waste of power. :slight_smile:

Leaving the DS on is far from a fire hazard.


The shock to the components of being repeated powered off and back on if far more detrimental their longevity than leaving it on 7/24.

Regarding the power usage, even if we take a very conservative $0.50/kWh, the only DS consumes ~30watts, perhaps 50w with the Bridge installed. Turning it off to save power/money is decidedly tripping over dollars to pick up pennies.

I find it, as many other do was well, audio systems sound best when kept at temp by leaving them powered on. Put it in standby if you wish but I don’t think this is necessary unless there is a risk of someone shorting the output cables.

All of this is my opinion of course.

I turn mine off if I’ll be away for an extended period of time. Those times, I unplug my P20 which I doubt is really necessary.

I unplug everything from the mains when gone for extended periods. Lightning being the reason.:zap:

Electrical storms are very good reason to disconnect. Fortunately, I don’t have them in my area, nor am I gone often. However, we did have a schedule overnight power outage last week and I was gone for 4 days when it occurred.

I powered down and unplugged. It took ~3-4 days of continuous play to return to the sound I know and love.

I use the P12 Power Plant. All my gear gets power from it. I just leave my DS on, especially with Snowmass and the new Bridge firmware, which I am checking out for bugs. So far, none. :smiley:

With the DS, does the remote’s Off button put it in standby or does one have to press the logo on the dac face? The manual standby section doesn’t mention the remote.

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The remote’s off is the same as the blue button, they both put the device in standby. (On the Jr going into standby also uses the muting relay to mute the output.)

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I’ve read multiple times and have been told by a few amp techs that NOT using an amp will dry out the power caps. This info relates to vintage guitar amps and I assume it applies to audio amps as well.