Cannot get Roon to open using OS X latest version

I purchased Roon based upon suggestions from PSA, as nothing works well with my Bridge. I have been unable to install the software properly and it crashes every time I try to open it. I would think that Roon would offer telephone support to paid subscriptions, but I haven’t found that .

Is anyone else having issues with Roon using their Mac > trying to run their digital files thru their Directstream DAC ?

Thanks to all

Mike Siegel

New Jersey

Not using a Mac but have no prob using a Win laptop via USB. Current build is very stable. I play files from my NAS and Roon always finds it. Have you posted on their forum, they are very responsive I’ve found.

Mike are you using Yosemite? Reason i ask is that the El Capitan beta was causing Roon to fail at launch, but a new release of El Cap came out today and fixed that issue. I have Roon operating flawlessly out of a mac mini with Yosemite-waiting until the public release of El Capitan before i upgrade that host computer. Make sure you’ve installed / downloaded build 30 (that’s the most recent version)…