Cannot play 24 bit with JRiver and my PS AudioDACmk2

Hi I recently acquired a Ps Audio mk2 DAC that I will eventually upgrade to DSD. I just want to make sure I’m setup correctly to get the most out of this wonderful DAC. I am using the latest Jriver and I can get most of my various music files to play with no problem. However I have one 24bit 172.4 KHz file that wont play. I was using ASIO, then I tried WASAPI as a driver to no avail. I then switched to Direct Sound and then it worked. I was under the impression that ASIO is best followed by WASAPI and that direct stream is inferior. I figured Id try it for now and then I downloaded a BIT perfect test meant for the Directstream that is 24 /192 flac and it wont play with any driver. Am I missing something here? I keep searching on Jriver and on the PS manuals but I cant see if I have set up something wrong. I am assuming its something simple. Which is the best driver to use with this my setup with WIN10?

Actually II tried various other 24 176.4 files and they did not work. I tried upsampling the file to 192 and then it worked fine. I then tried upsampling other 44 kHz files to 176.4 and again not good. I should explain at 176.4 I hear audio in all cases however it is of terrible quality. Now I’m really confused it seems Jriver will play all my files except 176.4 whether it is native or not. Any ideas would be appreciated. So I don’t know where to look. The mk2 should play up to 192 so 176.4 should not be a problem, correct?