Can't get Directstream seen by Yale (USB)

I couldn’t get the DS seen when using Yale Beta and that’s continued with the public release today. I’ve tried following the instructions for “How to fix USB connectivity issues with DACs,” but they seem to be incorrect - I found three PS Audio drivers under Device Manager, not Programs & Features, and they were hidden (View > Show hidden devices). But even there, after uninstalling them and rebooting, the 1.61 driver reinstall says it’s already on my computer! I’m at at dead end here, at least until I can find where the remaining install(s) is. Any ideas? Thanks,

I don’t know the whole answer to your problem, but drivers that show up under device manager are those that are being used for that particular device - “uninstalling” them only tells the OS that the next time that device is used to look at all of the installed drivers for the best fit and use that. So they don’t really tell you anything about your problem…

Some people have gotten their systems in a confused state by deleting the drivers from the hard drive (as opposed to uninstalling them) or by editing the registry. Still the “How to fix USB connectivity issues with DACs” has fixed those kinds of problems in the past.

I only have access to Windows 7, but I think the items below should work fine for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10:

In the “Programs and Features” control panel did you sort by Publisher and verify that PS Audio wasn’t listed? Also when you sort by name the PS Audio driver is called “USB v1.61.0” (Probably not the best name…)

Also could you tell me if the directory “C:\Program Files\PS Audio\USB\Driver” exists and has 15 items? You can run “uninstall.exe” from there if it exists but you can’t see “PS Audio” in “Programs and Features” But still follow the “How to fix USB connectivity issues with DACs” instructions and run this if you can’t find “PS Audio” in “Programs and Features”

Thanks Ted. Unfortunately, using the uninstall from the USB folder, which was successful, and following the directions step by step didn’t do it either - and I changed to a stock USB cable to be sure (and no, I didn’t delete from the hard drive or play with the registry). But when I reinstall Pikes Peak, connection is restored immediately. So I don’t understand it either.

I’ve attached four screenshots to show you what I’m seeing and not seeing in Device Mgr and Programs & Features (Win 8.1 Pro x64):

Device Mgr - uninstalling the middle entry also gets rid of the top one (speakers under Audio Inputs and Outputs)

Programs & Features by Publisher - the P’s

Programs & Features by Name (2) - the top where a number would fall and the bottom where the V’s for version would be.

version PS-Audio-Yale-problem-Device-Mgr.JPG




Sorry to be so pedantic, but did you follow the step by step but substitute running “uninstall” exactly for step 4 (no earlier and no later)? It matters.

Also if you’ve been using the same USB port all of the time, use a different one - some computers have a driver that stomps on the drivers for one of the USB ports every time they are powered up - I don’t know which pieces of hardware have such rude drivers but I’ve run across two different ones so far.

Here’s the best I can come up with, if it doesn’t work maybe Dennis or Dave can try reproducing your problem with Windows 8.1…

Anyway, if you have PP installed in the DAC and working and then follow the “How to fix USB connectivity issues with DACs” (substituting running “uninstall.exe” in step 4 if the normal uninstaller is missing.) But before step 6 upgrade the DAC to Yale (still without having the USB cable plugged in on either end.) And remember to use a different USB port in step 7 if possible.

Yes, ran uninstall from the USB port for step 4. Will give your suggestions a try. Have a JCAT USB card with two ports, so will try the other. I’ve written Dennis both with the problem and that this thread exists. Thanks,

Do you have a non-JCAT USB port? I’m not trying to cast aspersions, I’m just trying to narrow things down.

Ok, using a motherboard port got it loaded and going. Now I just have to figure out why the JCAT card isn’t handling it. Thanks,

I’m glad you got it going, perhaps now we can figure out what assumptions the JCAT USB card is making (or perhaps we can get them to fix it?)

Marcin of JPlay said to put the jumpers across pins 1 and 2 on J5 and J7 (see attached). I had them inactive, just on 1. However, the change didn’t make any difference. Yale still only works on mobo port. Waiting for a reply about that from JPlay.



If I’m reading things correctly if you have pin 1 jumped to pin 2 on both J5 and J7 you need to provide 5V via the external power connector. Are you?

If you don’t have the external supply you’ll need to jump pins 2 to 3 on J5 (or J7)

If things still don’t work then: If you are using the LDOs’ (pins 1 - 2 on J4 (or J8)) you might try bypassing them (jumper from 2 to 3 on J4 (or J8.))

For best sound quality you’ll probably want an external 5V supply, but the internal supply (especially thru the LDO’s) should sound fine.

Sorry, I see my posts didn’t mention that the card is being supplied 5v by a Core Audio Technology Kora LPS. Dennis has mentioned code that changed the way Yale handles the 5v and USB. Which makes me wonder if there’s something about the way the card reacts to that. Dennis offered the old code if we can’t figure it out, but I’d like to see what’s causing it first.

I thought that might be the case, but I didn’t know :)

Anyway it still might be worth see if bypassing the LDO’s makes any difference (if you are using them now.) They lower the bus voltage a little and there’s not a lot of room (tho the DS shouldn’t cause any voltage sag.)

I had one filtered and one not, or at least the latter was on pin 3, as it’s easy to miss that it’s not covering 2. Having forgotten about which was which, I had been using the filtered one lately. I switched them both to non filter (2-3), but offhand it hasn’t changed anything. Switching the line back to mobo port regains the DS connection. Since the latter is doing that, I haven’t thought it worth going through the connectivity instructions again. Should I? Thanks,


No, it’s not very likely to be relevant. We didn’t change any software in the installer and things work with PP and the JCAT or DS and the mobo so I think we’re covered there.

Still I don’t know what we are doing to confuse them or that they are doing to confuse us…

I just sent Dennis’ email to Marcin and Josef at JPlay, in case they want to consult (Dennis copied). Someone on the Yale impressions thread, I think Ted B, said he wasn’t having any problem with the JCAT card, but he’s using a dedicated PC or NAS or something, and so that may make a difference with my single multi-purpose PC. Thanks for your efforts. At least we got Yale loaded and playing.

I’m just using a JCAT USB cable and after upgrading to Yale, the cable is not recognized. Switched over to an audio quest cable and it works. What would prevent the JCAT cable from being recognized?

The 5v line on the USB cable must be energized to work. Some JCat cables disconnect the 5v line - and some offer the possibility of adding an external source of 5v line to solve this issue. My JCat maintains the 5v and thus works perfectly with Yale.


Thanks Paul. Works perfectly now. Can’t believe I forgot the power line on the JCAT…:frowning:

Easy to forget - especially since Pikes didn’t require it. By requiring the 5v on USB Yale solves a long standing problem for people who found that the DAC disconnected when they rebooted. This solves it.

You’re right, since Pikes didn’t require it, I had only been using the “black” line for the data stream. However, plugging in the 5v line on the USB seems to open up the sound a bit.

As always, thanks for the great support!