Cartridge load for the Lyra Delos and the PSAUDIO NPC


I need little help for the configuration of my PSAUDIO NPC. I´ve the following configuration:

  1. Record player: Bauer DPS 3 tonearm cable ca. 70 cm. The capacity is about 120 pf.

  2. Cartridge: Lyra Delos

  3. Phono preamplifier: PSAUDIO NPC

What is the best cartridge load for this configuration. Actual I use 600 ohm.

Thanks for your help

Hello Chistian Muller,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

The Lyre Delos is an MC cartridge.

Moving Coils usually require an impedance load of more than 30 - 100 Ohms.

600 Ohms should be fine.

Make sure that you review the cartridge’s gain recommendations as most MC cartridges require a high gain setting of around 0.6mV.

You can change the gain settings in the NPC’s menu screen.

Here is a link to the NPC’s manual:

We sincerely hope this is helpful.

Kind wishes,

  • Jeremy