CD drive for ripping my CD's

This list is a little old but I’ve found it helpful:

CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List

Thanks very much.
My drive is a 10 y/o portable LG CD/DVD R/W drive. I guess this will do the job?
Isn’t there a bit perfect program to check out the rip?

That’s what dBpoweramp does. It compares it to all the other rips in their database. I have over 2000 rips and all but 100 are verified as accurate. If there aren’t other files in the database, it will rip twice and compare both rips. There’s also a way to verify rips after the fact with another program they offer.

So, if I rip a CD using dB poweramp, that rip will be compared to older rips of the same CD on my system, and the most accurate will be saved?
Thanks again; I’m catching up with things.

Not exactly but close. Read the dBpoweramp site for a detailed description of the software and how it works. None of the software is very expensive.

Thank you, Sir
I think I’m good to go.
dB poweramp is $100 if you want the metadata as well.

Exact Audio Copy - free but has a modest learning curve. For example, you have to download and configure EAC to use flac.exe for compression if you wish.

By default it will create WAV files. I also uses Accurip and freedb for title info.

It’s one, very good, option. It may not be for you if you’re not wiling to read and learn how to use it.

The DMP does not interface with computer and does not rip disks like the PWT used to. The PWT could not interface with a computer either!

Single license for Windows or MAC is $39.

You can add PerfectTUNES for an additional $18. PerfectTUNES checks your existing rips for accuracy. I own both and find them useful; however you only need dBpoweramp to get started. Metadata is downloaded from sources on the internet when you rip. It’s pretty good but does have to be checked for accuracy.

A friend from Audiogon suggested that. His son ripped all of their CD’s and SACD’s to a Passport backup drive using that program, but it sounds too complicated for a computer dummy like me. I bought his Microrendu (already owned the LPS-1 power supply) and he threw in, as a bonus, his Passport drive with 2500 albums on it. Many of these are hirez downloads which I’m not sure I can appreciate. The downside is that I can’t decide what to listen to!



It can fiddly to figure out just what you want for output. dbpoweramp has a 21 day trial, I don’t know if it is limited in anyway but it’s certainly worth a try.

2500 albums, many hirez, wow - extra bonus. Or he now has free, likely region disparate, off-site disaster recovery storage.

I’ll probably acquire a 4 tb drive and copy the smaller drive to it. I need some room for classical albums, anyway.

I’d be nowhere without Roon by the way.

I think EAC is normally considered the gold standard; DBpoweramp (which I use myself) is very good, and a lot slicker operationally. EAC excels at extracting the most possible data from a flawed CD.

Thanks. I’m waiting on getting a larger drive before I start ripping. My 2Tb is full of albums already.
The EAC program sounds good, but I’m a computer dummy.

Ya, I use it on the .01% of tracks that have a problem.

I agree. If DBpoweramp consistently fails to rip a track accurately then I turn EAC loose on it. It doesn’t happen very often

I guess the basic dBpoweramp for $35 is the way to go? The deluxe version is over$100.

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about with “deluxe version.” dBpoweramp R16 for a single computer is $39. They sell other products (or licenses for multiple machines) bundled or separate for, obviously, an additional fee. The product I’m suggesting you buy or try is dBpoweramp R16: $39 for a new (not upgraded) license. Price is the same: windows or OSX.

OK, thank-you Sir

One last comment on this topic. You might want to bundle PerfectTUNES along with dBpoweramp. The additional cost to bundle PerfectTUNES is $18. PerfectTUNES will check your existing rips against the dBpoweramp data base for accuracy. A useful feature. Good luck whichever way you choose to go.