CD drive for ripping my CD's

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about with “deluxe version.” dBpoweramp R16 for a single computer is $39. They sell other products (or licenses for multiple machines) bundled or separate for, obviously, an additional fee. The product I’m suggesting you buy or try is dBpoweramp R16: $39 for a new (not upgraded) license. Price is the same: windows or OSX.

OK, thank-you Sir

One last comment on this topic. You might want to bundle PerfectTUNES along with dBpoweramp. The additional cost to bundle PerfectTUNES is $18. PerfectTUNES will check your existing rips against the dBpoweramp data base for accuracy. A useful feature. Good luck whichever way you choose to go.

If it was me, I might buy a new drive before you start. A 10 year old drive might not read disks as well as a new one, either way, if your ripping ‘say’ a 1000 discs over ‘say’ a 3 month period then the drive will be pretty worn out at the end of it.

-Great point, and portable drives are pretty inexpensive

With dbpoweramp, you can rip different discs in different drives simultaneously, so if you bought 2 then you can rip twice as quickly etc

or that 10 year old drive could be better built than a new one…

Doesn’t hurt to start with what you have. The whole point of the software is to ensure proper read, this includes any drive laser misalignment.

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