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Hello everyone.

I have just signed up for this forum and I am really happy to be able to participate in this community.
I have purchased the junior Direct stream converter for about a year and I must say that I am really satisfied. Not only for the sound quality, clearly superior to the converters I had previously but also for the reliability of the junior Direct stream.

I also write to submit a question about my last purchase: I recently bought a new CD mechanic: the nuprime cdt 8 pro.

Before reproaching myself for having chosen another brand, instead of buying the ps Audio Memory Player, I would like to justify myself by remembering that the nuprime costs in Italy 900 euros while the ps audio costs ten times as much, 9000 euros. So I just didn’t have all this money to spend right now.

The reason I bought the nuprime is that it has an I2S output that was perfectly compatible with the jung entry. After buying the nuprime mechanics I also discovered that it is able to over-sample the cd signal in PCM up to 768 and the dsd up to 256.

The junior direct stream perfectly hooks the over-spaced signals in pcm up to 352 and in dsd up to 128.

The questions are two:

  1. I noticed that if the CD signal dsd 128 is over-charged after a while, not immediately, in the background to the music you can hear a slight noise, very slight that you can perceive by bringing the ear closer to the twitter of the speaker. Why?
  2. Apart from the personal tastes of listening, do you think, given the structure of the junior direct stram, does it make sense to oversample the cd signal with my cd nuprime mechanism? And if so, at what sampling rates?

Thanks for the attention.

Welcome, Mario

Hi Elk, thank you for your hospitality, did you read my question?

I am unfamiliar with the NuPrime and have no opinion.

Sorry if I insist but I would at least have an answer on oversampling: does it make sense to send the signal to the oversampled dsj? if yes, at what frequency?

Obviously the question I asked you above no longer concerns the nuprime (of which you have no opinions) but concerns the utility of sending the oversampled signal to the dsj or leaving it native 16/44

I am unqualified to answer; I also neither own nor have any experience with a Direct Stream Junior.

I suggest trying both and using that which you prefer.

Others may be along in a day or two with suggestions/opinions.

Tank you

Check out this thread on upsampling ahead of the DS[J]:

Thank you, bootzilla

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One aspect of the hobby is experimentation. How about you experiment with the upsampling options and determine what sounds best to you, and report findings. I upsample CD to 88.2 kHz in my CD transport.

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I absolutely agree, in fact, after some tests, I seemed to understand that oversampling at 352 is the best.
My cdt8 nuprime is set up like this and I never change it.
The reason for my question was not in fact to let others decide which one was the best result, but to understand if, from a technical point of view, it made sense to over-sample a signal if you use the dsj ps audio converter, considering that this converter it already does a very high oversampling and then do a downsampling.

That exact issue is discussed at length in the thread I linked four posts up. I will not try to summarize the discussion, but I will say that, beginning at Post #20, Ted Smith provides some very interesting technical info that may be what you are looking for.

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if I understand correctly, it says that sending the dsj the already blushing signal to 352 is a good idea, which was what I had established by ear …
Thanks for the confirmation!

Welcome Mario!
I am also pretty new to this forum and to Ps Audio but i can say that i so far really likes the product i have and the people on this forum.
Jonas Lindström

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