Center image is driving me crazy!

You own this thread, Luca!

Keep on, keeping on.



Day 1
Removed all the furnitures.

started working on infrastructure and conduits through the walls.


Day 2

Dedicated lines and structure for sliding doors and panels on the right wall


Wow luca your project moves ahead…

If you are able…when it is all ready for your first listen…
do not upgrade anything. Take time to get a feel of your
new listening room’s environment…This is important
to have a base line of how things are sonically…

Once you have that base line incrementally 1 only 1 upgrade at a
time again to hear if this upgrade is doing what you are looking for it

Lots of discipline needed …but seeing how you are moving ahead
with your project…you are demonstrating the needed patience…

Way to go paisano…

Miel migliori auguri!!

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Thanks David, yes that’s exactly my purpose. I would like to hear the differences coming from room, treatments and lines without changes and tweaks in my system.

Letting all settling for a while, to better comprehend how impactful every aspect related to room could be.

At the moment it’s so hard living each evening without music, even if I’m so tired at the end of the day that I feel my bed as the most desired place to lay (also wearing a pair of iPods!!).

Happy spring, anyhow!


What is the echo/sound like with the room all bare?


Unbearable, just talking seems to be fatiguing! Good to know.


“Fatiguing” such a great word!

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Day 3

First outlets mounted.

Structure on the left wall


Day 4

Painting day. Gray walls and ceiling.


Looks like light saber fight coming…green vs. yellow


Where is the bar? not in the room?


Whaaat and mess up the sound quality? Ha !! :innocent:

Best wishes

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One drink help, two to creat the mood, after that you could not tell the SQ difference anymore. I stop at one drink usually, wine is getting expensive :grinning:


I got approval from my wife, building a one man cave. Exception.
Each bottle of wine strictly requires to be shared with her, storing and consuming each drop of that nettar together (glasses are allowed to travel only from the kitchen to our living room, on summertime also until the garden, maximum). Rule.

Marriage rules and exceptions, a precarious state in perpetual equilibrium!


Good rule! We have similar one in our house too!

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That is completely over the top. Weird.

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Truer words have rarely been spoken.

I would add: Marriage rules and exceptions, not always known till broken, a precarious state in perpetual equilibrium!


My wife is not involved in my Audio process for my main system. No more gear at the lake place is a rule she believes I obey. But I sneak in gear, smaller gear, and she is quiet. But for my main system she just says “more??!!”. I tell her “what can I say? I’m an addict!”.

She has her dream of me dying first and she orders a dumpster for each house to throw it all away. Dumpster diving will never have a greater opportunity.


That’s my fear and a possible reality as well. My wife has said she’ll get a few big dumpsters delivered and just toss all my recordings and gear and instruments away. It shouldn’t matter. . . I’ll be gone. . . but I do have to consider consolidating this decade so that I can find homes for much of my belongings more climate-controlled and accessible than the county dump!

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