Center image is driving me crazy!

Someone recently mentioned tube swapping. :thinking:


Swapped also the tubes in BHK Pre. We are on the right way. Left side still prevalent (just for guitars, electrical guitars not acoustic).

It seems like I need more symmetry. I incremented the distance between speakers, letting the left a little bit recessed (question of inches).

I’m now managing with diffusers behind the speakers. Pushing the left panel/diffuser a little bit on the left behind the left speaker. Remarkable improvement.

Let’s continue listening… what a hard work!

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Luca, I’m still wondering if what you’re hearing might wind up being the recording. Per my previous, please try to pick out one or two tunes where you hear this, and the time(s) in track where it is heard.


Sorry Tony, here I am. Before the unbalances was very evident on Cuttin’ Head, first track same title. At the beginning I hear the chorus (female voices) perfectly symmetrical right/left while a few attacks of guitars (30/33 seconds and 1 minute 22 seconds time) on the left side too much evident from the speaker, very close to the sweet spot like in front of the cabinet.

Now this issue is still present but less unpleasant. What do you hear?

Thank you again for your support.

Still wagering this is the issue as well…

@luca.pelliccioli - please remind me what Amp(s) you are using.


Have you tried swapping them around?

Could there be an issue with internal wiring in the speakers themselves?
Or the speakers themselves?

I tried swapping right/left XLR cables without benefits a few hours ago, before swapping the speakers.

Don’t think so, I swapped them and the problem was still in the same side, on the left. Happy for that!

When you swapped the speakers, does the issue still remain with the left channel?
Or did the problem follow along with the speaker?

It’s late there… è ora di andare a letto, vecchio.

… or something like that.

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Kind of you, you are a good wise friend Vince. I was referring to right/left channel from BHK Pre to M1200s, left BHK Pre output to right M1200 to find out if there was something wrong related to ampli or pre.

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I think we should meet in Alghero to discuss this situation over a glass of wine.

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Parallelo 41 Sella & Mosca? You are my guest!


Quite sure it’s a question of set up. I moved it a few inches more from the front wall and the left speaker finally disappeared again! Really pleasant sound, I’m so tired but satisfied. Thank you all for patience and support.
If it’s only a psycho placebo effect I don’t know now but I can go to sleep happier than yesterday.

I don’t want to listen to John Mellencamp anymore, Counting Crows’ August and Everything After seems to bring me in Morpheus’s arms smiling, and it’s so sweet…


Congratulazioni, ben fatto!

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One of my favorite popular (rock?) records to listen to, start to finish…nary a clunker on the album.


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Luca, I’m glad you got it sorted. I listened to this track more than once, and now you’ve got me worried! At those time markers I too hear the guitar on the left side closely tied to the left speaker, but otherwise everything sounds properly balanced. My system has a rock solid center image presence - no wavering or uncertainty in that respect. Maybe I need a slight tweak to my speaker positioning, though! :thinking:

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