Cerwin Vega D5

I have had a pair of Cerwin Vega D5 3 ways speakers for several years. They belonged to my uncle who passed away many years ago. I think they were purchased in the mid 70’s. I did have to put new surrounds on the woofers a couple years ago. They are rated @96 db sensitivity, and to my ears they sound great through my Denon amp.
I don’t think I have ever heard a “high end” system before, so I am not to sure what to listen for. Being a musician for many years I can tell what sounds good and bad. Does anyone have any experiences with Cerwin Vega D5 speakers? Are they good, or just your run of the mill stereo speakers?

That is a really tricky question- run of the mill compared to what? I would recommend that you find a local shop or somewhere you can compare an established brand (I would recommend Dynaudio or Focal) if possible and gauge for yourself. I’m not sure your speakers would fill the bill as “high end” but what matters is your statement above. If it sounds great than maybe see if you can find something to compare too. It may be better or what you hear may just be different. Have some fun litening to as many different systems as you can - if possible…?

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