Changes to Discounted Tidal Pricing

Received word today from both Tidal and Third Man Records that the ability for TMR Vault members to get Tidal for $5/month has ended and normal Tidal pricing will be in effect with the next billing cycle. If this applies to you, I suggest you check your revised subscription details on the Tidal web site. In my case, I learned that I was going to be charged the monthly individual plan rate ($10.99) plus something called a “DJ Extension” for an additional $9.00/month. I had no idea what the “DJ Extension” was but after some research, I learned that it is required to integrate Tidal with various DJ hardware and software platforms. That wouldn’t apply to me but I was wondering if somehow Roon would require it. Fortunately, it does not. I immediately deleted the DJ Extension add-on and I’m now looking at $10.99/month plus taxes.

Other (non) good news is that Tidal has also decided to discontinue military and first responder discounts. Looks like the only remaining discount is for students.

Hopefully, this is just what they perceive as needed fiscal belt tightening and not a leading indicator of a failing business.