Channel Islands D-200 mkII mono blocks SOLD

Channel Islands Audio D-200 mkII mono blocks, in like new condition. I’m the original owner, and these mono blocks have resided in a smoke free dedicated listening room from day one. These amps represent one of the best bang for the buck amplifiers out there, which is why they rarely become available on the used market.

I have the owners manual, and the original box.

I have 100% positive feedback on Audiogon, under the username gme109.

Asking $2,200

“Bass from the original D-200 was stunning; tight, fast, and extended. Yet the MkII offers more – both in quantity (extension and impact) and quality (bloom and pitch definition). They offer as much control, depth, punch, and visceral impact as ANY amps I’ve ever had in house…period. If you have dreams of extended, not etched, detailed, not bright, delicate, not muted, and articulate, not harsh, high frequency performance, these amps will make that dream come true, and then some. I was so very taken with the way they are able reconstruct delicate treble detail, yet render it with such engaging finesse as well as spatial and textural authority.” – Greg Weaver, Positive Feedback.

New lower price. $1,900.00

New lower price $1,700.