Channels reversed

My channels have reversed again. But this time, turning the pwd off and on and even changing firmware, didn’t fix the problem. Any suggestions?

I think I have the same problem. I’ve switched the interconnects.

Had the same issue a few days ago (PWD MKII). I was using the bridge and haven’t tried other inputs. Switching the PWD on and off solved the problem in my case.

I had the same thing happen to me during an earlier software upgrade. Since it occurred at this time I knew that it was related to that change and it has gone away with further upgrades. I am not sure if it disappeared because I was loading the new firmware or because I had cycled the power. You would think that I would have mentioned it at the time but I figured that it would go away one way or another. :slight_smile:

I left it unplugged overnight and reloaded. It righted itself.

I just had this occur again, but a quick reboot solved the problem. Very strange =:)

@timequest have you just rebooted the bridge or whole PWD? in case I got reversed channels I have to power off and power on the PWD

@maniac…So far, a simple reboot by powering off/on the PWD via the rear on/off button resolves this issue for me. It’s happened about half-a-dozen times to my PWD/Bridge over the past two years… Not sure anyone has explained why this occurs.

Not particulary reassuring…

I recently purchased a NuWave DSD (July), and everything is perfect when playing AIFF, ALAC, and DSD audio files with Amarra Symphony (3.03). However, when I use Audirvana 2.2 to directly play DSD files, the stereo channels are reversed during playback for all my DSD files. Any ideas as to why this is happening when directly playing DSD files with this program and how to correct it?