Cheap Vs Expensive Cables Question


I have been using Shunyata cables for years. They make a great system sound even better…:grin:



Okay this is Roy, the original poster of the topic. I have updates. First, after careful consideration I’ve decided to keep both cables. I do feel like they are making and improvement. Second, remember what I said about the amplifier being more important than the speakers? OH BOY was I wrong. Yesterday I visited the audiophile friend of mine and he sold me a mint pair of restored KEF Reference 107 floorstanding speakers. These speakers originally sold for around $6,000 I think. OMG…these KEFs make my Elacs sound like hot garbage! Seriously, night and day difference. These KEF speakers have made the biggest improvement to my system ever. More than the Mcintosh, more than the Directstream, and more than the cables. In fact, with these speakers, my Mcintosh and DS sound a million times better than ever before. And I can easily hear a huge difference with these new cables on the KEFs. So I’m really sorry. You guys were not being snobs after all. You were right, my Elacs were not good enough. But these $6,000 KEFs are glorious. I never knew music could sound like this. Every aspect of sound is radically improved over the Elacs. So for anyone reading this who mistakenly thinks the amp is more important like I did…trust me, you are wrong. The speakers come first.



Your discovery highlights a problem I have had with KEF speakers for over 40 years.; in my case the guts of Kef Concertos from 1975 mounted in big transmission line enclosures. They have been re-wired, re-stuffed and had new crossovers in that time. The problem is that whenever I audition new speakers I come back and listen to the Kefs, and they always sound as least as good. So I seem to be stuck with them. :slight_smile:



I have space limitations and I wanted mid size floor standers or very good stand mounts. A pair of KEF 201/2’s were traded to one of my dealers. I remembered hearing these years ago and I liked them. 30 minutes later they were in my truck and on the way to their new home. I’ve got friends who have way more into speakers and they love listening to mine when they are by. They are well built and beautifully finished black lacquer with factory stands. A pair of SVS subs round out the bottom end.



Great setup! I just think with two measures you HW would kind of disappear optically (which would be my goal if I had such smaller speakers):

Stack HW more horizontally than vertically and have absorbers in wall color :wink:

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I know that it isn’t optimal. It took a long time to find a rack that would clear my tube amp. I have some EML 520V3 tubes that I love. They stand 9.75 inches without the amp height. I needed 12 inches of clearance. This was the best I could do. I still may move the rack to an alcove that’s not visible and get long XLR’s.



Most important, that it sounds good!

I just love the advantage of small speakers, that they disappear visually.



WooHoo!!! Now go and enjoy!!

The Iconoclast will still be here when you’re ready . . . .





They were $6000 in the early 90’s. They would be at least double that today. I worked at a hi-if store at that time and we sold B&W. Just to give you a reference, B&W 801’s sold for $6000, the new equivalent is $30,000 in today’s dollars.

You might find your amp a bit underpowered now. KEF used to recommend 250 to 300 watt per channel amplifiers with 107s.




Well, maybe I will search again…I do hate the hassle of demo-ing speakers…ugh



The ELACs aren’t bad–they were just designed to a price point. The UniFi UB5 is still a model that punches above its weight, which is why it’s so popular. But I’m sure if you heard one of the newer ELAC Adante models, it would kick up the experience quite a bit. KEFs are also a special speaker, and each manufacturer has their own sound. Which is why there are so many different speaker brands out there, and buyers who like them–everyone has their own taste in what “good sound” is. :slight_smile: