Classic Records 24/192 DVD-audio on PWT to SGCD


Can you please tell me if the 24/192 2 channel dvd disc in the Classic Records HDAD sets will play on the perfectwave transport feeding my SGCD? These sets contain a two sided DVD:

This HDAD+ package contains two discs, one is a two-sided DVD-10 containing two channel 24 bit/192 kHz data on one side, playable on DVD Audio players, and on the other side two channel 24 bit 96 kHz data, playable on DVD video players. The second disc included is a standard two-channel CD containing 16 bit/44.1 kHz data playable on all CD and DVD players.

here’s an example:

Thinking of picking up a few before they disappear.



PS: A similar question for the 24/96 reissues of blue note releases.

I decided to suck it and see: PWT - Well that's cool!
No go, but a work around exists.

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