Classical SACD bundle for sale, Telarc et al SOLD

I have the following SACDs I will bundle together for sale, 110 dollars for the lot, media mail included within the continental USA (US sales only please).

Telarc SACDs (all Surround except astericked*)
Mahler, Symphony No. 6. Benjamin Zander, Philadelphia Orch.
Vivaldi “Gloria,” Bach “Magnificat” Martin Williams, Boston Baroque
Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet, Paavo Jarvi, Cincinnati SO
Ravel, Paavo Jarvi, Cincinnati SO
“Tango” La Elegia de Quienes No Son, Rudolph Werthen, I Fiammingha
Stravinsky, The Firebird, Robert Shaw, Atlanta SO and Chorus
Stravinsky, Rite of Spring, Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 4, Lorin Maazel, Cleveland SO
Mahler, Symphony No. 1, Leonard Slatkin, Saint Louis SO and Chorus
“Timbrando” Meridian Arts Ensemble*
Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, Lorin Maazel, Cleveland O
Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6, Paavo Jarvi, Cincinnati SO

Other SACDs:
Mozart, Youth Symphonies, Vol. 2, Marriner and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields SURROUND, Pentatone
Mozart, Symphonies Nos. 5 & 29, Marco Boni, Concertgebouw Chamber O, SURROUND, Pentatone
Prokofiev, Tcherepnin, Crumb, Pieter Wispelwey, Rotterdam Philharmonic O, SURROUND Channel Classics
Ravel, Retrospection, Delan Lazic, SURROUND, Channel Classics
Haydn, Basecwicz, Dvorak, Szymanowski Quartet, SURROUND, Avie
“Romantic Music for Brass” Center City Brass Quintet, SURROUND, Chandos

If interested, PM here or email me at

All sold…(Thanks Blake).

Well, shit. I knew I should have decided quicker. Probably for the best as broke as I am right now.

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Sorry. I may have more in the near future. I’m going through my collection and separating duplicates and items I will likely not revisit. It was hard to get started but I’m making progress and gaining momentum.

Okay. Like I said, my own fault. I tend to be either too snap judgment or too deliberate. There is no middle ground.

@lonson - Lon - You need to work through your collection, focused on smooth jazz CDs, thinking of me as you are parsing the many. Then I will gladly take the dups off your hands… you have a ton high brow jazz… I’m looking for the low brow… smooth jazz…

Richard. . . sorry to say. . . I don’t have much at all in the way of smooth jazz. Just hasn’t had a place in my collection. There’s plenty out there, as you know, you’ve been buying it up!

@lonson - yeah - I just bought another 16 used CDs today, adding that to my 350+… The DMP has been sounding so good these days… needs me more CDs… I have a ton more brand new jewel cases that need to surround themselves w/ used CDs… 600+ is not even in the same ballpark as 30K CDs… you need to unburden yourself…

I’m working on it. If you ever find yourself moving towards higher calorie jazz. … I’m there.

@lonson - Yeah - I only last a few minutes, 30 min at best; same as audiophiles with refined jazz pallets find “smooth jazz” very low brow and objectionable… Also, when I do listen my wife calls me an “old person” and that is coming from a 67 year old female… just have to sneak in my “high brow” moments… Listening to CSNY right now and she is digging it…

Just ordered another 15 used CDs… man that is addictive, especially when they are $3.50 average a CD and $0.25 per new jewel case… MY MSI gaming laptop just crapped out (library management); good thing I had the library double backed and also loaded into the N+… Get a new laptop i9; 32GB RAM; 1TB SSD & trying the Thunderbolt I/O to see how that performs… that should be here before I need to rip the 31 CDs I just ordered… CDs take a few weeks to get here…

I don’t find “smooth jazz” low brow and objectionable per se. I used to play in a blues band that moved into a sort of Ronnie Laws smooth fusion at times, and playing that was challenging my own skill sets and pushing my envelopes–definitely know there is a lot to the genre. I just don’t find myself wanting to listen. I started listening to “electric Miles” when I was 15 and that started me moving through fusion and into Ellington and Charlie Parker and Coltrane and the Blue Note catalog and that has remained the core genre for me, and rock and pop and so many other musics, that I can enjoy from time to time, have just been occasional side trips.

Over five decades of collecting I now have a library. There was a time in Texas when it was more like a library–items coming in and out, shared among a few like minds, communications and sharing with jazz fans around the world. This decade that has changed and it’s more a collection, static and yet outgrowing its space and its intentions. So readjustment is needed, I have to thank my wife for making me view this in a new perspective. I’m trying to follow through on an initiative. I know I’ll still have thousands of cds at the end of it, and I hope to have a plan for their dispersal that won’t burden my wife too much should I pass before she does. But tens of thousands. . . just can’t justify that even too myself any longer. I’m still excited about collecting the wonderful sounding jazz discs coming from Japan, just got a box in from today.

The DMP is a fantastic component that makes having all these discs a great resource.

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@lonson - yeah - I love this DMP. Streaming is easy and CDs fulfills my tactile side having to organize, store, select… I don’t really get into classical jazz because I never got into it younger. My first system I was spinning vinyl Spyro Gyra and Rit in 1981. Just never had the hankering for traditional… I can see how it was a natural evolution for you as a musician. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with that talent.