Cleanwave & moving coil cartridges

I read in Power Plant product descriptions that Cleanwave’s function is to restore magnetized transformers to their original condition. Does the Cleanwave function affect moving coil cartridges pole peices, etc. that have become magnetized?

No, it does not since moving coil cartridges are not affected by AC power changes.

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I think you’d need to play a record with the appropriate frequencies on it - I wouldn’t recommend plugging an expensive MC cartridge into a power plant.

[I was answering Photon46, not Paul, who has a better way with words than me ):-]

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Don’t even think about it.

Side 2, tracks 2 and 3 of The Ultimate Analogue Test Lp (Analogue Productions) are lateral and vertical pink noise bands specifically intended for cartridge break in and demagnetizing.
That’s the right tool for the job.

I think we might have a failure to communicate here. :smile: I was merely asking if any effect is applied to the pole pieces of one’s MC cartridge during the normal application of Cleanwave to the entire system. Certainly not thinking about “plugging a cartridge into a power plant.” I was aware of the Ultimate Analog Test LP or the Aesthetix’s ABCD-1as the other alternative. Thanks for the responses.

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