Clicking problem on Power Plant Premier


Paul-I need your help on my 5 year old PPP. Recently, the PPP has started clicking loudly for a couple minutes and then stops. Here’s some details:

-I understand the clicking is the internal relay and may be caused because it is switching between regeneration mode and protection mode.

-The relay clicks on and off (twice) about every 5 seconds and continues this for a couple minutes and then stops.

  • when i watch the output voltage display while clicking occurs, I see the voltage drop from 120 down to 113/114 and the vary between that and 119 during the 5 seconds the relay is switching on/off.

-while this is happening the CUT and BOOST blue lights alternate on and off every 5 seconds (never seen these lights before)

-While this is happening, if I put my ear close to the top cover, I hear a distinct “sizzling” sound (like frying oil…) inside the PPP. This stops after the clicking episode ends. there is also a faint “burning” smell.

  • Reading the THDistortion shows 4.5% IN and 0.5% OUT

-The PPP still seems to be functioning during this time as the connected components are still powered up.

-This occurs randomly a couple times a day with modest power requirements e.g. just a TV and DVR powered on.

I live in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area and we generally have good power. I don’t think we get low voltages that might cause problems.

Help please. If there seems to be a serious problem, is there a service center nearby? (It’s out of warranty)


It may be giving up the ghost, unfortunately. We can help here in the States. Give alexp @ an email and he can get you started. Sorry about that!