Clock in PS Junior

@tedsmith I am wondering (apart from affecting the warranty) how big a deal it would be to upgrade the master clock in a PS Audio Junior DAC to say a Pulsar?

There is a lot of discussion on this topic these days and any reclocking (along with clean power and isolation) I have done in my system has brought really great improvements. Curious if this is possible and if it would bring even more joy from my Junior DAC?

First off the Pulsar clock isn’t something that the Jr can use. It’s a clock and the DS and DS Jr use a VCXO.

Tho the long term stability specs for the Pulsar a pretty good, long term stability doesn’t matter for audio (who cares if you are a second off after playing for a year…)

The near in phase noise of the Pulsar isn’t substantively different that the oscillator pack used in the DS and DS Jr (and is worse as the frequency goes up) - we didn’t cheap out on the clock. I got the lowest phase noise I could find at the time and tho people have been advertising the lowest phase noise in other DACs, they are using the lowest phase noise available in a small package. I use a bigger package so I can have even lower phase noise…

Also FWIW The Jr has a custom discretely implemented regulator used just for the clock so the power is pretty good for it as well.


Great, thanks Ted for the detailed info. That explains why the junior sounds so good. :slight_smile:

I think for the $/value- the Jr. is one of the best products PSA sells. That’s one reason I have not “upgraded” to Sr nor pay much attention to threads on the “cost no object” versions… It’s just dang good and who knows what I would have to spend to hear a difference.

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