Closed - Uptone Ultracap LPS-1 or LSP 1.2

Looking like they won’t ship for quite some time, so thought I’d see if anybody needs to unload a 9/10 condition.


Might want to check with @aangen. Not sure if he wants to part with them, but I do believe he has a couple of these LPS’s with low hours.

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No sir, I am holding on to mine.
Go here, buy this:

Get the 9 volt version.

It is as good or better than the Uptone piece IMHO.

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I agree. Recently bought an Sbooster from Upscale as well. Great product.

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Thanks, gents! I pulled the trigger on one. I realy appreciate you chiming in.

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How much benefit do you hear from the Ultra in your system?

I can’t really respond to that. AB testing of power supplies is not something I have done.

Sbooster arrived. Pleased. Thanks aangen and Jeff!