Co-axial cable question

What is difference in construction of co-axial cable with RCA connector and “regular” RCA interconnects? Why is there no discussion regarding sound quality of coax cable? Are there recommendations regarding coax brands? There are provisions on lots of equipment for using coax. I have purchased Raspberry Pi 2B with Cirrus Logic audio card to implement Acourate in my system and will use that to feed the DSD a digital signal. If I understand correctly coax is my only choice.

I think some of the confusion comes from terminology. All shielded RCA cables are coaxial in nature - so it’s probably difficult to think of “coax” as one type and “RCA” as another. They are essentially the same. The exception would be an RCA cable without shielding, a simple twin-lead, and that would not be considered a coax. A coaxial cable, by definition, is one with an insulated center conductor (the hot lead with the signal), surrounded by an insulated conducting shield that covers the inner conductor.

Almost every RCA cable is constructed like this, with few exceptions. Differences in construction and materials can make a huge difference in sound quality.

I have always preferred balanced XLR cables, myself, but RCA cables can be good as well.

The best bang for your buck coax you can buy, IMO-

It gives nothing away to my $600 Clearer Audio Silverline Optimus or my $1000 Siltech anniversary jobbie.

Yes, good quality highly cost-effective offerings.

Looks like they pay attention to industry technical standards which are very important for digital transmission.