Code of Conduct for our Forum

Myself and also others on this PSA forum have noticed that during the last month multiple posts were submitted by forum members of which the nature was:

  1. Political (what are the ‘right’ political behaviors and/or choices in peoples perspectives)
  2. culture specific (what are the morally ‘right’ ways of doing things)
  3. religious statement (what should one think about theology and what is acceptable thinking about this)
  4. opinions on how PSA should operate their business (what should PSA do in terms of customer service and pricing)
  5. Strong/direct wording (in which peoples feelings are not respected)

Maybe we can try a little harder to respect each other’s believes, feelings and opinions? @Elk: maybe a generally accepted forum ‘code of conduct’ would be something to think about?

I am no expert in this area but there are some good examples which can be found on the web.



There is already a governing code of conduct, so to speak. See:

The major gripe is, some rules apply to some people and not to others. Until that gets sorted out having a list of rules is pointless.


I am not sure I agree with you Brodric, but I do get the gist of it and certainly you’re not wrong. Sometimes people are censored for being snarky when what they said was less damaging than someone else who didn’t get banned. If the “snark” was intended to
hurt or enflame then it should be exorcised.

I think what we need to remember is that Elk and I are trying to keep this a community where it’s fun and safe to come to—especially now when our country’s lack of leadership in a time of crisis is really going to demand we act on our own. The
community we’ve built here is a strong one. It’s based in music, stereo, friendship, helpfulness and generosity. We help each other when we need. If one of us is hurting, it’s the community that can rally around to help.

Let us work together to build community. Community is what we need right now.

If we feel people are being attacked, provoked into anger, or unproductive conversations are beating a dead horse beyond what’s reasonable, then yes, we’ll step in.

And no, it’s probably never going to be fair since it’s a matter of opinion.

Let’s work together to keep each of us safe.


Suggested addition to the Rules: If you can’t Give It a Rest, you may be asked to Do So.


If that was a response to me, I think some have over active imaginations with regard to my relationship with PS Audio. Yes, I live here, and one or two who work there are actual friends. I’m also generally a fan of what the company is trying to do, so - I tend to lean in that direction. Everyone should take what I say (and don’t) with that in mind. Its not brain surgery. Not an Evil Plot.

Were the above not my situation, I still would like to believe that I would write pretty much what I have. When someone comes onto a customer forum and grinds an axe or two continually over years, it gets old.


Yes, I was referring to you. The reply button here doesn’t work as expected sometimes. You’ve said certain stuff here many times before which, if I had said the same thing Puff the Magic Dragon would have puffed it into the never-never within seconds. If you can’t see that…just saying.


I don’t have first hand experience luckily, but when you get your first DUI in the states, it’s a pretty hard slap on the wrist with a number of fines. Get your second, and it’s more of a snap of your arm with some jail time.

If one is a multiple time offender, (specially if you have 8 flagged posts, 106 deleted posts, and 1 suspension) it shouldn’t be a surprise that the rules are a little stiffer for some.

I love sarcastic humor and the occasional snarky comment can be damn funny, but when it comes from the same half dozen on here jabbing us at PS, it really gets old.


You under quarantine, Brod?

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I got sneezed on by a sick looking guy on the train this morning, so I might have to be.

Might want to stop touching your keyboard- hard things to sterilize

I’ll just give it a puff with the magic puffing spray and soldier on.

Like a pufferfish- full of poison

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Flag me ban me I’m sick of poison

Maybe Beethoven can learn us all something in his " Alle Menschen werden Brüder. Ode an die Freude":

What I don’t get is the Aggrieved individuals who feel they have an absolute right to bang on indefinitely, at regular readers’ daily expense, against a company on that company’s own website. Like it was a Moral Outrage or something. Most come here for info, community, and a shared love of music and audio. “If you can’t see that…just saying.”

I often wonder (because I can’t sort out any other reason) if the subtext of these campaigns is, “Give me my money back, and Maybe I’ll go away. If not, I’ll be a Thorn in Your Side until you do”. Or “Change your Company Policy with regard to X, and I will continue to buy your products”. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Let us now look at the future and let us all promise to behave and comply to the Code of Conduct!

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@stevensegal regarding your moniker here I can only assume you mis-spelled your “idol’s” surname ironically. Please explain. Enquiring minds must know!


No, that’s me. (The name, not the photo.)

Very sad politics is taboo. You lot don’t know what you’re missing.

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One of the roads to contentment is discovering those individuals to be ignored. When they self-identify (which they invariable do) it makes it that much easier.