Computer Audio + Matrix X-SPDIF 2 = Silent

I recently moved and set up all my stereo equipment, location wise but waiting on longer cables. In the meantime, I set up a temporary system, hooked up to my computer and I kept getting an audible hiss, not a buzz, but definitely noticeable when nothing was playing. I knew it was temporary, but it was still bothering me. Speakers are Cornwall IVs.

  1. Computer 3.5mm => Pass Amp Camp Amp (ACA) via RCAs = audible hiss.
  2. Computer USB => Schiit Modi 3+ => ACA via RCAs = audible hiss.
  3. Computer USB => Matrix X-SPDIF 2 => Schiit Modi 3+ via Coax => ACA via RCAs = SILENT =)

I contemplated selling my Matrix X-SPDIF 2 in the past, but definitely worth its keep now.

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I use mine for the same thing. Going USB out of the computer to matrix to I2S input so I can create DSP filter for roon. I have not yet tried directly to the DAC USB… Probably would work too, but I want to keep it this way for when the Airlens comes…

Did you try swapping out the USB cable in either of the first two scenarios?

I wonder if the high sensitivity of Cornwalls is both a blessing and a curse, and if less-efficient speakers would transmit less audible hiss.

(That said, I want a pair really bad!)


I think you are on to something that makes perfect sense.
My 97db Spatial X5’s had a little (not problematic) hiss at close range and my mid 80’s db T+A 1000-40’s are dead silent in the same setup.


I did not swap out the USB cable, but I did try positioning the existing cable away from any speaker or power cables. There was no change so I decided to try adding the Matrix. This Matrix will later feed into my main DAC + Amp setup when I get longer cables, so it was a good test/fix.

If you decide on some Cornwalls in the future, or anything Klipsch, Paducah Home Theater was a joy to deal with, as well as the best priced. I originally inquired about the Fortes and ended up with the Cornwalls due to their pricing =)

It seems that the Matrix is taking care of whatever noise is being created before it. That’s why I thought it might be the cable.


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