Condensation and a new PS Audio outlet

I just changed out a dated outlet from previous homeowners electrical work. Date of work is unknown, however, while I was installing the PS Audio power outlet preparing for my repaired PPP install. I found a couple of worrisome issues.

The outlet I removed had corrosion on it due to moisture from the condensation occurring inside the wall. While I had the faceplate and outlet out, I felt a significant amount of outside air (cold air) being blowing into the mounting box and into the house.

Luckily, I had outlet covers to stop the air flow coming into house.

My concern is, how soon my PS Audio outlet will corrode due to the moisture in the air coming in from outside. Any ideas on how to deal with this?
How well will the PS Audio outlet handle the condensation that will occur?

The power ports use polished nickel metal hardware. Corrosion will not be an issue.

Use some foam-in-a-can to block the air coming into the outlet box.

Not a good idea that…depending on the construction of the wall. If it’s plasterboard the foam-in-a-can can cause the plasterboard to bow as the foam expands.

Use minimally-expanding foam. It’s vinyl foam, not urethane, and won’t explode the wall.
And don’t fill the bloody wall, just block the entrances into the box where the air gets in, or (most effective) at the footers at the bottom of the wall where the wiring penetrates.