Connect headphone amp to Directstream Juniors RCA output

Hi, I assume driving a headphone amp from my Directstream Juniors RCA out works but want to be sure before I buy the amp. I just love the Juniors latest DAC firmware upgrade and want to have its sound quality through headphones as through speakers.

Are there any issues doing so?
Did I get it right that Juniors RCA out is variable?
Any ideas of how to set the volume pot on Junior versus the headphone amps volume pot? I am hoping to use Juniors remote since the headphone amp I intend to buy doesn´t have one.

Yes, this would be a perfect setup. DSJ feeding your headphone amp and yes, the DSJ RCA output is variable and you can use its remote control for the volume.

The volume control on the DS Jr, which I assume is the same as the Senior, is very good. Pots may have sweet spots and if it is a traditional potentiometer it may sound best at 100%. The best way to find out is to listen to different combinations of DS Jr and headphone amp volume settings and see what sounds best.

Thanks, good to have this veryfied!
So now knowing for sure RCA output is variable then I know it will work. Just up to me to choose a good headpnone amp and try different volume settings. 100% might be the best as long as the amps noice floor is not audable and it doesnt get too hot.
Thanks again.
/Herjolf, Sweden

I have DSj going into a Bryston BHA-1. I use the Balanced out from the DAC.
It works great for late night listening session. The RCA out from the DSj goes to
my integrated amp. Best of both worlds.

I use the balanced out of the Bryston into my Audeze headphone. The
balance sounds better. All the hardware is fully balanced, why not use it.
Paul is right about using balance.

I do have a question about headphone and BHK pre, but I will start a thread.

Good to hear Silo.
How do you set the Brystons volume pot? (That is if you use DSj remote/volume)

I set the Bryston on high gain, the DSj around volume set to about 88.
The Bryston pot is usually at around the 10 o’clock position. I can then use
the DSj remote to adjust for slight variations from disc to disc.