Connecting a phono preamp to DS DAC

Hi Guys

I have a PS Audio DS Stream DAC connected directly to M700 monoblocks using XLR. I also have a turntable and Project phono preamp which has RCA outputs. How can I connect that to the DAC? what cables should I use? If I use the connection through the DAC, will be digitizing the analog signal?

Will I benefit from the Stellar phono or a used Nuwave ?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, I would look for a used NPC. The Stellar Phono is all analog.

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Thank Paul, when you say the stellar phono is all analog, that means I would need a dedicated preamp between right, to make the connection?

Would another option be to get a Stellar GCD and run the DSD DAC into the balanced analogue inputs and the phono amp into the unbalanced inputs, then the balanced outputs into the M700.

Either way, Paul’s suggestion gives you two phono amps and using a GCD will give you two DACs, but the latter will avoid A/D and D/A of your phono signal. You can then also compare the GCD and DSD via the M700s!

The normal solution is just to get a pre-amp, because their basic role is as a source switch with attenuation.

You can do analog to digital conversion with an A/D converter for well under $100. It will usually give you a coaxial output to plug into your DSD.

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Thank you. That makes sense and I’ll be using the GCD as a pre amp essentially right? You are right I can compare the 2 DACs but I’d be upset if the GCD sounds as good or better than the DS :joy::joy:

I am also thinking about just getting a wyred4sound mPre or I also have my eyes on the new Tortuga audio active preamp (LDR)

The is no pre-amp in the Stellar range, the GCD is a DAC and pre-amp and should do the job you want and is a current supported item that you can buy new.

You should take Paul’s regular advice and contact PS Audio customer sales support and discuss.

Of course you can get a pre-amp from another manufacturer, but best not to discuss that here. I suspect the GCD offers reasonable value in the USA just as a pre-amp.