Connecting Quboz to DS with bridge II

I’ve been listening to Quboz through Roon to my DS Dac with bridge II and love it. Unfortunately I have two problems. First Roon only attaches to Quboz at Red Book even though the hires files are displayed and available to all my mobil devices at 96J 24B etc. This seems to be a Roon problem and am working with them now.
The PS Audio problem is how do I play Quboz files throught the Quboz app (all iOS) to my Sprout and DS with bridge II. My core is my iMac and Quboz plays on the iMac speakers fine even in high res but how do I direct the sound to my PS Audio Grear??? It directs fine using Roon, but only low res.

Log into your Qobuz using the desktop app and check the streaming settings on your account.

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Also, on the Roon side, go to the settings for your endpoint, i e the DSD and click “Default settings”.

Did that and it doesnt fix the problem.

I’m on the list of beta testers for the Stellar. It has specified Qobuz but not Roon compatible. Is my problem why Paul doesn’t like Roon.

Can you post a picture of the signal path when playing from Qobuz to your DS-bridge-2? Like this:

Other than ROON is perceived as a competitive product to the upcoming Octave.
I think that this will push people to products that support ROON. Even if you go for the Integrated amp you can connect a NUC running ROON to get the service.

Signal path as requested

FIle was 96/24

Are you able to see any hi-res albums on Qobuz while browsing via Roon? Is Roon logged into Qobuz using the right account? Finally, from the Qobuz app on your Mac, login to Qobuz and check your account streaming quality settings under “music playing” - make sure you are setup to stream hi-res:

Sometimes with updates both the Qobuz and Tidal apps will drop your streaming quality down to a lower resolution. I check both about every two weeks.

You don’t understand. Qobuz works fine in Roon. I see lots of hi res albums and can play them all. They just all come out as FLAC 44.1/16

Streaming quality in the Qobuz is set like yours 24/192. I’m reasonably confident the problem isn’t Quboz since HD files play fine in all the various Quboz apps including iphones, ipad, and iMac. The only non-functional item is Quboz HD files inside Roon.

Yes Roon plays HD files just fine if they are not from Quboz.

I wasn’t clear about this. I don’t think my problem was ever better, I just recently noticed it.

How many versions of Norah Jones’ “Come Away with me” do you see in Qobuz via Roon? When you select the 192/24 Flac version to play, does it automatically change the source to the 44.1/16 version like in your screenshot?

Something up stream of your DS DAC and Bridge is converting the file resolution. As suggested previously, IIRC, you should check to make sure all bit rate conversion settings are turned off or set to pass through the “native” resolution of the file. The DS/Bridge combo. is NOT limited to playing files at 44.1/16. I believe the maximum resolution via the Bridge is 192kHz 32 bits.

Good luck in you search for “resolution”. :slight_smile:

FYI, your screen shot indicates a USB input to the DAC. Don’t know if this is relevant but you framed your question in the OP in terms of using the Bridge Ethernet card.


Sorry here is what I was talking

about. Same issue either way

In that screen shot, it appears like you selected a 44.1/16 track to play from Qobuz. Did you select a high-res track and it changed it automatically to 44.1/16?

I am not an expert, but I would start with disabling all DSP settings in Roon and see what you get.

I piggy-back Qobuz and Tidal on/via Roon to feed my DS via the Bridge II Ethernet Card and I don’t recall having any issues passing along and playing files up to 192/24 to the DAC.

I am not at home but will try to remember to check my signal path this evening to see what I can see vs. your screen shot.



What’s strange is Ken’s signal path starts out with a 44.1/16 FLAC file. If something inside Roon’s DSP path or device settings was incorrect, it should start with a HI-RES FLAC file and then show you when/where is downsamples to 44.1/16 within Roon’s signal path.

@Ken_Eis: Here is a typical signal path with a > 44.1/16 track from Qobuz going to Bridge II/DS Sr. via Roon:

What can we tell from the comparison?