Connecting subwoofer(s)

Tried in the forum to look for a suitable answer, but…

I have a DSJr and no pre-amp. I connect to power-amps with XLR:s. Could I use the RCA outputs on the DSJr and connect to the subs - one per channel?

Yes, indeed you can. It’s not something we recommend with DirectStream Senior because of its transformer output, but with Junior’s solid state output it’s an easy no brainer.

Thanks Paul!!

Need to restart this thread. I am seriously thinking of adding a BHK pre amp to my set. Could I use the RCA outputs also on the pre in the same way?

Since last posting I have added a ggod sub and would not have to let it go again… :slight_smile:

Yes, many folks use the RCA outs of the BHK preamp to feed their subs and the XLR outs their amplifier. Works great.

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I’ve been doing this for a year and couldn’t be happier!

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Thanks a lot guys. Really helps. That brought the BHK PRE close to my stack!

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Do your subs have XLR inputs?

Hello Paul,

Can you elaborate more why you don’t recommend running RCA’s out of a DirectStream sr. Dac to subwoofer inputs?

If it’s a problem then I solved it by adding the BHK Preamp! That also gave the system better and refined bass!

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