Considering bhk 300 - but which pre?

Hi all,

I currently have a pair of Nagra Vpa monoblocks + Nagra PL-L preamp feeding my Pro Ac d40 R’s and am sold on getting the bhk 300’s.

My dealer is making a package for me with the Signature pre… However, I’m in two minds and would like the opinions of the good folk here…

What are your views if I were to run the 300’s with my existing nagra preamp? I absolutely love it and it would save me some money to boot.

What are the technical considerations of such a setup?

Any comments are welcome!


So many fabulous choices for preamps but why not just try your Nagra and see how it sounds. Considering the input impedance of the 300’s you should be fine. Since you love the Nagra, what problem would you be solving by replacing it? I’d rather keep it and spend that money on a P20.

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+1 in first trying your Nagra with the BHK 300’s as this a very nice pre. After burn-in you could try the Signature and evaluate, SQ wise maby taking profit from the balanced xlr inputs. If it’s worth the money keep it, otherwise make use of the one month free trade-in :wink:
btw: i’m very happy with the Audio Research Ref. 6 / Ref. 75 SE :grinning:

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I, too, would first try the Nagra preamp. It is a wonderful piece of kit.

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More or less leaning towards just this…

There are a few features that the Nagra doesn’t have… HT bypass being one of them (if be able to run my DSJ through the bypass input to control the 300 directly)…

I don’t think the one month in home trial offer is valid in Pakistan. We are more take-it-or-leave-it kinda folk… :slight_smile:

There is a lot of discussion on this forum about the pros and cons running the DS/DSJ with or without a pre. Seems to be very system dependent, with a very resolving system and high efficiency speakers the DSJ noise floor perhaps is just a tad to much. Try and compare running the DSJ direct connected to the 300’s vs using the Nagra.

To me and in my system it is no contest, running the ARref6 inbetween is by far the winner.