Control Direct Stream with MacBook

I use Bubble and MConnectControl with my phone as a remote.

BUT, it would be great to control the Bridge with my MacBook.

Are there any programs that make this happen?

Thank you


My two favorite programs would be JRiver or ROON. Both programs have great UIs! As a heads up, if you were to take a poll, a majority of people would say JRiver sounds better. I’m still indifferent to this though.

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JRiver /JRemote combo is the affordable alternative. I think it and Audirvana/A+ sound better than Roon RAAT / Roon remote. I have all three bridge setups. I no longer use a DSJ to bridge, but a Bryston BDP.

You could try Linn kazoo. It’s free and with good UI. Will work with most servers (minimserver etc) and also Qobuz and Tidal.

Thank you. Yes I am looking for something without added fees. I will try Linn Kazoo.

should you find any trouble for it to connect to the Bridge, run bubbleupnpserver on your macbook or on the device where you keep the music server (NAS or other computer), and configure the bridge as an openhome device. for me, works like a charm. It is also free.