Control the bridgeII with Roon

Is it possible to play tidal to bridgeII with Roon? I can do this with MControl on my ipad to BridgeII but I like the Roon interface. -And I can play to the USB input on DSD using Roon with no problem.

Yes, I am doing this right now and do it all the time. Roon/Tidal, with or without MQA through the Bridge II card works great.

Well, the bridge doesn’t show up in the Roon-settings- audio section. So, I can’t activate it.


You do have to connect through Ethernet. Are you doing that?

Yes, I’m hardwired to the bridge as well as USB by way of a microrendu. They both play well, but I have to use mConnect to play MQA to the bridge.
Many here would say, “who cares?” but I really like a lot of the MQA on Tidal.

This will seem like a stupid question but have you rebooted everything including your router and switches? My Krell didn’t show up in my roon until I literally shutdown and restarted everything. That had not happened to me before. And I mean even the router that assigns ip addresses to things in your home. Also would check on you bridge in the DS if it shows an IP address

I’m pretty sure I’ve rebooted my system since I installed Roon. My network is functioning as it should, but I’ll recheck the IP address.

I’m thinking that I screwed up when I installed Roon, and may have to uninstall, and install again. -Computer dummies have to do that sometimes. Right?

Anyway, thanks for the tips.


My network was all functioning fine when Roon didn’t see my Krell, only rebooting the router and switches made Roon see it. Hope it all works out

Try assigning the Bridge a fixed IP address. It’s helped on my network.

Thanks, but I really don’t know how to do that. -Maybe youtube does?

My favorite way is to assign it at the router. You use the Bridge’s MAC address to identify the device at the router and tell your router to make that MAC address a specific IP address I would use the high range of available IPs to ensure the Bridge has a unique IP.

Remember, it all sounds confusing until you dig in, read, and watch some videos, then do it. It’s worth leaning just for the knowledge about how organized networks operate. You then can apply it in your life with the Bridge. Not everyone enjoys the puzzle though.

My son’s an IT guy. I’ll cheat and ask him, but I really appreciate your good help.

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That sounds easy enough, but not tonight. I’ll be listening.

Make sure you enable the endpoint in Roon. I have DSJr and microrendu both usable through Roon.

Shouldn’t be a problem. Tidal is integrated into Roon and Roon can be played on the Bridge II. This is just how plenty of people use it.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, but Roon doesn’t find the BridgeII on the network.
I’m stuck for now. I will take this issue up on the Roon support site. I really want to use Roon for the Bridge as well as the USB input on the DSD.

I found that there were firewall settings that wouldn’t allow my Win 10 PC to see the bridge. Took some fussing around (which I don’t recall the details or I’d tell you), but once the firewall blocking was cleared, there it was.
Good luck!

That’s one I haven’t thought of or tried.

Problem solved with the help of Jeremy in PSA support. Can’t explain but basically it was “operator trouble” on my part.
Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

No worries and thanks for letting us know.