Controlling Stellar GDC

If I were to connect a Stellar Gain Cell DAC to a music server via USB, could I control Standby On/Off and Volume via the music server software, say iTunes, Roon or J River? I’m considering how I might have the SGCD be completely controlled through an iPhone or iPad. I know that there’s a remote with the SGCD, but I’m envisioning controlling everything by iPhone or iPad, and no other controller.


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Unfortunately the answer here is no.

You won’t have the same network capabilities over USB.

The XMOS chip we use in the Stellar Gain Cell DAC simply does not pass along the control commands to the display logic board.

One suggestion would be to set the SGCD to DAC Mode Enabled and control the volume using JRemote’s volume adjustment.

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  • Jeremy

Thanks, @jbretey for your response and ideas. I guess that configuration with DAC=Enabled would bypass the Gain Cell, and wouldn’t be the best use of the unit. When I can get a SGCD, I’ll probably play-around with some app-based IR systems to see if I can control the SGCD in that manner.

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