Copying Download to Working Drive Issuue


Anyone know why sometimes when I try to copy a download to my music HD of a new album of an artist I already have on my drive, it forces me to make a choice between the two, ie, no option to just add the new title ? This is an exception but it has happened more than once. Mini with FireWire Oyen working and backup drives.


That’s strange. Are you sure you are copying the album folder and not the artist folder? On a Mac, if you copy a folder to the same place as a folder with the same name, it will ask you whether you want to replace the existing folder. If you say yes, it will replace the existing folder regardless of its contents. It will not merge the two folders.


Well it has all the tracks and art in it so I assume yes. It’s the only folder in the download.


My point is that if you already have an album by an artist, you only want to copy the new album folder, not the artist folder. So, if you download the Rolling Stones “Let It Bleed” album, in your downloads folder you get a Let It Bleed folder inside a Rolling Stones folder. If you already have some Stones albums on your music HD, copy the Let It Bleed folder (into your existing Rolling Stones folder), not the Rolling Stones folder containing the Let It Bleed folder.


I will take another look at it. How do you like your 3’s, have a pair myself.


I’ve been very happy with them. My wallet has yet to recover, however. You?


Wallet was in cardiac arrest even before, yes I like a lot but everything’s relative you know.


I label HD versions with the resolution as part of the folder name (e.g., 96-24). This both avoids the above issue, and identifies what I have in resolution higher than Redbook.


Good idea, thks