Cosmetic care for shiny top cover

I’m a recently new owner of a DSJ and P5. Both have the shiny black top cover. When new and clean, the bling factor of the top cover is off the charts. Of course, over time, it collects lots of dust. What regular cosmetic care to you recommend? The manual talks about fixing scratches with automotive polish, but what about just dust accumulation? Should I leave the dust alone to avoid scratching the panel? Or is it better to remove the dust periodically with an air-duster or damp microfiber? Since my components will be sitting in the rack for as long as I own them, I don’t see any reason for them to not look pristine after a few years.

No problem. Just do what we do. Hit it with Windex and polish away.

I use Meguiar’s Quik Detailer to great effect. Brings back a new shiny surface.

As with a piano or automotive finish, never wipe the surface dry. Always use a damp, soft cloth or spray something on first. Water is fine, including with a little bit of soap. Auto detailer works well. Be gentle. Wipe in one direction, not circular.

Never use paper towels because they are a wood based product and cause scratches! To Elk’s point cotton wet or a dry “dusting” micro fiber cloth work well. A cotton clean cloth and S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner ($10 on Amazon) will make your top look new and repel dust.

An excellent clarification; paper towels are nasty.

Some of my fellow Ducati owners and other motorcyclists really like S100. I expect it would work well on the top covers.

Thanks for everyone’s helpful input. Windex and a soft towel worked very well! I’m open to the other products mentioned above, especially something that would repel dust. But the windex definitely works well.